Work Experience

I have some work experience in the field of engineering and here I list my accomplishments, things that I have learned and done.

BWXT Engineering Intern

I worked at BWXT as an intern from August to September of 2022. For this internship I had gained a DOE-L Security Clearance and was working in the Non-Destructive Evaluation Group. In this group I worked with mostly Ultrasonic Immersion testing and help design transducer probe mounts and build an entire UT scanner system that was small and portable. I learned a lot about UT scanning and its usefullness for the company. I was also able to help develop a invention for UT aid. We are currently in the process of filling the invention as a patent for the company and therefore I am working part time to help with filing it.

Naval Undersea Warfare Center Engineering Intern

I worked at NUWC as an intern from July to August of 2019. This was a competition project based internship where each group was trying to build the best underwater ROV that would be able to grab small tennis balls in a deep tank. We were given a budget for certain materials and were tasked to build the whole system from the ground up. My team was actually able to win the competitoin and we were each given a Rasberry Pi.


I love creating things so take a look at the projects I worked on in the past and/or in the present. Here I post images/videos and explanations of things that I created using 3D printing, arduino, motors, etc.

Lock Combo Opener

This project is a 3D printed structure with a stepper motor and servo that spins the combination lock and unlocks it. The motors are controlled by an Arduino with a breadboard as well as a 12 V battery. The code allows the user to input the combo of the lock and then it spins the motor to the precise position (with the use of a encoder) to unlock the lock and then the servo lifts up on the shackle. I learned a lot about the iterative design process because I ended up 3D printing more than 10 parts to try to get the pieces to align. I also learned a lot about programming with an Arduino and this is where I learned C++ online to help me. Here is the Link to the video of the prototype working. (I CADED all the parts using Autodesk Inventor) - 2020:2021

Extandable and Retractable Lightsaber

This project is currently being worked on. I have completely CADed the assembly of the parts and I am working on 3D printing all the parts. This lightsaber uses a DC motor to extend and retract very quickly, unlike any other spring lightsaber. The motor will spin a tape measure roll that will extend the blade up very quickly and then retract it very quickly. Here is a Link to a video of the Prototype. In this video I am using a Polarity Switch to turn the spur gears that will be used to turn the tape measure roll, the switch is used to change the direction of rotation to retract and extend the blade. In this prototype there are bearings, axles, motors, 3D printed gears and chassis. I have been working a lot on the project to get it work, but it will need to take some more iterations. This prototype looks different from the CAD images because I currently don't have access to the CAD files. For this project I used my own 3D printer and had to learn how to optimize it to make this prototype work. (I CADDED all the parts for this project in Inventor) - 2021

Remote Controlled Sailboat

This project has just been designed and will be hopefully created in the future. This CAD shows a Laser sailboat that has two powerful stepper motors that will control both the rudder (steering) and the sail (force) by using ropes and pulleys. This project idea was mainly for the purpose of allowing me to practice my CAD skills, specifically assemblies and creating real world objects. I also began posting my CAD design on GrabCad to help other people use the parts I made (I posted the pulley's and the sailboat specifically). (I CADDED almost all these parts in Inventor) - 2021

Mechanically Powered Skateboard

This project has only been designed and will probably stay just as an idea. I have only created a CAD assembly of the skateboard and the idea is that there is a piston that your foot pushes down on and it rotates the back axel of the skateboard to apply motion. This project idea was mainly to help me practice my assembly skills in CAD. (I CADDED almost all the parts in Inventor) - 2020

Whiteboard RC Car Magnet

For this project I came up with the idea of basically creating a RC car that would have a magnet on it so that it could drive across the whiteboard. I designed and 3D printed a chassis that would hold two continuos servo motors, two wheels, battery source, transmittor, magnet, and a arduino nano. This would be controlled by an RC controller to the car. The car would drive over the whiteboard and you could draw a birdseye view of the race course and drive against other RC cars. This is still in the build phase because I have learned it is very difficult to find a proper magnet strength and motor power so that the car could stay against the wall but also surpass the kinetic friction of the whiteboard.


In this section I post contributions I have made in EPCS class at Purdue as well as some of the clubs I am in. There will be images and explanations of the work that I have done.


Indiana School For The Blind And Visually Impaired. The project in this EPCS class was to create an image capture device that would take picture of the students work that they drew on a white board, and allow them to add color filters and save images of their notes. , I was on the mechanical team, where I had the role of CADding the XY table which was a movable whiteboard table that made it easy to zoom in at certain areas of the board. In one semester we created this prototype that I helped CAD, manufacture and design. I 3D printed parts, laser cut parts, and assemble them together. This is a Link to a video of the prototype we created. I learned a lot about CAD design with other people, and laser cutting parts out of acrylic. -2021


Electric Vehicle Event Infrastructure. The project in this EPCS class was to create a stationary bike that would be able to create electricity when a user was riding the bike. On this team I was on the design/mechanics team and I helped manufacture 3D printed parts and assemble the generator and bike system using plywood. The prototype uses a generator and belt system that powers a light tower that has LED strips. And in one semester we built this prototype and this Link takes you to a video of someone being able to power the LED lightower while riding the bike. For the LED tower I programmed the Arduino for the light pattern on the tower. I created a CAD assembly of the entire system and the image above is the orthographic of the prototype in Inventor. - 2020

3D Printing Boiler Maker Labs Volunteer

As a volunteer I worked two times a week helping manage 3D prints for other people and changing out filament, etc. However I learned a lot about 3D printers, how to fix issues, and setup prints. This got me interested in buying my own 3D printer, and I have been able to create many things.

Purdue Sailing Team

I joined the purdue sailing team in 2020 and I continue to contribute to the team. I am co-Practice Coordinator and I have competed at many sailing events. For the team we have weekend practices and sometimes travel sailing events. We have sailing races in the Midwest area like Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc, however we have also traveled to Rhode Island to go sailing (I am in the left side of boat 8 in the picture). I am currently the A division skipper and I love to help my team win races and to be out on the water. I have been sailing in general for about 10 years and used to be an sailing instructor.

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